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High Forest Den is a home away from home in the heart of Hohenwald, TN highlighting activities you may have in that spare room, basement, she shed, or an old school 'Den'. It's a place to disconnect from the cell phone and wifi to reconnect with yourself and friends in a fun setting.

We'll have wifi for those that absolutely need it for an hourly or all day rate in case you find The Den is perfect for your laptop or remote work.

Items for sale in our boutique corner will be artisan and locally grown or made so if you have a product, please contact us. In addition, there will be art on sale from artist residency participants and occasional art exhibits. The residency program on the outskirts of the county attracts artists, writers, artisans, and even performers from all geographies. We'll also have items available for sale in our on-line shop as print on demand to do our small part to limit mass production of stuff. You'll be able to have customized unique objects, clothing items, and even artwork that supports the ongoing activities at The Den and the affiliated residency program.

Become a Member

Join the club!


We love to slow down and enjoy the surroundings.

If you think you want to spend more time at The Den, a membership is up your alley. Embrace going slow with an excuse to get out of your own home to a fun spot in town.

Members will receive the following benefits (more may be added):

  • 25% discount on all classes offered

  • 10% discount on merchandise

  • Exclusive access to members only events such as meet-greet artists before art openings or members-only q/a with guest speakers, writers, poets, etc.

  • Table fee waived

  • $1 off beverages

  • 50% off game rentals

$60/month or $600 for a year

Annual membership also includes your choice of a swag item from The Den - a mug, reusable tumbler, or T-shirt.

Ginger Lemon Drink

Non-alcoholic and natural beverages

The Den is not a restaurant.

The Den is not a coffee shop.

We do not sell food.

We do have an array of options for you that are all non-alcoholic and natural including sodas that are made on site or smaller brands than the giant corporations.

If you would like to hang out in our space, there is a minimal table charge and we ask that you purchase one drink per person, minimum per average of 3 hrs. If you are early for a class or staying after a class, there is no table charge, but we would be delighted if you enjoyed a beverage.

We'll share with you our love of tea, non-alcoholic elixers (new brands out there and home-made style recipes), and ever-growing sources of ingredients either locally or sustainably produced.


Features / What's available

This list may change and the prices may change. Please make sure to check at the front desk.

Each of these will have a 'rental fee' and some may have a deposit for loss, damages, or absent-minded taking home with you.


- Playing Cards

- Variety of Board games

- Dart board (additional deposit of $10 (and leave your ID at the desk) for darts turn back in when your game is over).


- dolls

- fisher price toddler

- more TBA


- a variety of sizes and complexity will be on hand

Rent time in the book nook. A private corner to hang out - $10/hour or if you purchase a book you can stick around to read.

Hang out in the cat room TBD. Please make a donation to our friends at Kit Kat Alley or maybe you'll want to adopt one of the kittens/cats we are hosting that week.

Doing Jigsaw Puzzle
Spinning Record

Sounds and the absence of sounds

Do you hate being in places where the music piped in is so loud that you can't think or your conversation gets louder and louder?

That is NOT The Den! We promise not to have intensely amplified music unless it's a scheduled time.

More often you are going to hear nature sounds, ethereal music, new age without lyrics, and maybe even classical lightly playing in the background.

At a scheduled times on our calendar, we'll host a record hour or two. Maybe you want to bring your old vinyl and play d.j. or donate the old vinyl for others to peruse. This could be a fun afternoon of old country or blues, or take us back to the 70s/80s/90s. Ask and we'll figure it out on the event calendar. It could be a day time or early evening option.

If we have open mic, or host a musician, singer/songwriter, there will be a door cover charge (members get all access).

Would you like to be on the schedule if you play a musical instrument - from sax to harp, or a flute, banjo, etc. Let's connect!

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