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High Forest

Seed Cultivation


In Hohenwald...
brought to you by an Artist Residency and Nature Immersion Creativity Retreat Center on the outskirts of town.


A mixed-use community creative space that includes :

  • retail for hand-craft and local artisans (consignment basis)

  • workshop space taught by locals and artists-in-residence

  • exhibit space for artists-in-residence and other art events

  • black box theater (tentative) which may be a performance or experimental space for artists-in-residence to share with an audience projects they may be working on in their residency

  • room for classes such as yoga and ballet or other dance

  • performance opportunities such as singer/songwriter, poetry, acoustic, and other

  • a general gathering space (different than a coffee shop or public library), use wifi, read a book from the lending library, play a record from the lending library, play a board game, etc.


  • after school mentorship program

  • welcome wagon evening for newcomers to meet and chat

  • speaker series

  • teaching your craft to others

  • activities for seniors in the community

  • celebrating events and promoting your craft, art, etc.


Opening date is not set in stone yet and will be determined on the amount of goods in the retail space, volunteer and/or staff hours, and scheduled possibly already booked workshops to hit the ground running when the doors open.

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